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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


People are always asking what are the most important thing is when trying to achieve your goals. As most Personal Trainers would tell you there is not really one thing. It is combination of a few things and that will vary from trainer to trainer, all those being positive and right.

Each Trainer has their way of getting the most out of their client’s. Each to their own as long as it works and is safe and effective.

My first and most important thing to keep my clients on track is as follows –

1. ACCOUNTABILITY. As every Personal Trainer will support me when I say this, we are constantly hearing “why things can’t happen, it’s because of this or that and every other excuse under the sun”. In the end though this is the very reason that so many people end up the way that they do and why they have come to me. I mean you are standing in front of me because you want to change your life and if I allow you to use the same excuses that got you to this point then in 12 months’ time you will still be where you are now.

It’s truly about standing up and addressing the issue that got yourself into that position and then taking the steps, and they will be hard but well worth while towards a new you. The sooner you do that the more likely you are to be successful in relation to your goals. “Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure”

2. FOOD DIARY. So many times people don’t realise just how wrong the choices they are making food wise. By writing down your food choices you’re starting to see whether you’re getting your 3 main meals in plus your 3 snacks, whether you’re getting your meals in every 3-4 hours, if you have had enough water, if you’ve skipped meals and so forth. You get the jest.

Food diaries relate to step one, accountability. You’ll be surprised at how much you eat or don’t eat. Most clients’ I come across don’t drink enough water so this is a great tool to keep you aware of your choices. At first it may seem a little hard but in no time you will have it down pat and on your merry way. It is a great accountability tool that will ensure you stay on track. You can also use to track calories if you desire.

3. TRAINING LOG. This should be taken from day dot to show you exactly where you started and where or what progress you’ve made in the time you have been training. It will be like the food diary at the start and seem like a hassle but I guarantee after a while it will become easy. It’s also something that will lead into you next thing to keep your goals on track, goals.

4. GOALS. These need to be set to have something to strive for. Everyone should aim for mini goals as in weekly or monthly and then back that up with long term goals such as every 6 months. They can be anything from lifting a particular weight or running a particular distance through to staying away from alcohol or chocolate.

If you set sail without any sails then how will you know where you are going? Have direction in what your set out to do and the rest is easy. Goals take time too so don’t give up at the sight of the first hurdle because there will be many in your way along your journey. That is what separates the champions from the everyday what I call gunna’s, who are gunna do this and that but never get anything done. Remember accountability means being true to yourself.

And finally,

 5. MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE. Too many people come in wanting to achieve something with great intent but when they get to their goals or close to they give up and go back to their old habits and wonder why they have all of a sudden, in their words gained 10+kgs. You have to create a lifestyle and make exercise a part of it until you cannot physically move anymore. It will give you more energy, less illnesses, you will become stronger, more flexible, more functional, cut back your health risks such as heart disease and diabetes, feel more confident, build self-esteem and the list goes on.

Compare that to eating junk food, feeling flat, tired all the time, having a lack of self-esteem & confidence, inability to be energised and constant sickness. What would you choose? That is up to you.

Well what are you waiting for, get cracking and create a new you. I guarantee you that you will thank me for it. Remember your choices will determine your future!

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