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How many people have tried to lose weight or even put on some serious muscle but failed in the process?

I can guarantee most people fail because they tend to focus on the stems of a weed rather than the root. So as an example you have John Doe who wants to lose weight and is determined and packed full of enthusiasm to achieve his goals but what he has not thought about is what got him to the problem to want to make change, the ROOT! He is looking at the stems thinking “I want to lose 5kgs”, I want to train hard”, I want to eat good healthy foods” etc you get the jist but in the end what got him there was what went on behind all those thoughts of Losing weight and how to do it.

I mean again purely as an example John Doe’s problems (The root) consisted of a failed marriage, ailing business and finacial issues from debts he owed. Were they gone or addressed?, NO. They were still lingering in the background as he had not fixed or sorted out his issues. So what’s going to happen after the first week when a debt collector rings John Doe and hassles him for the outstanding debt he owes, I can guarantee John will revert back to what got him to the point where he put a heap of weight on, emotional eating, skipping meals and eating the wrong foods just to mention a few.

So now you can see without addressing the roots and facing your demons front on it will always be hard to move forward and progress not only with your training but also with life. The solution is to incorporate strategies that will help you deal with your problems, issues or matters that will rear it’s ugly head and steam roll your progress towards your goals whether that be in training, business, life, spiritually and so forth.

Don’t give up if you cannot find a strategy straight away, look until you find one that suits your needs to allow you to move forward in your life. Sometimes it may be frustrating but I can guarantee you that when you fix the root by giving it the water it needs it’ll grow!

Best wishes in your journey!

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