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Today’s topic is one that is so common these day’s with most people having the mindset that more is always better but today I’m going to tell you why this is wrong unless you’re an aspiring Olympian.

This blog today is about the everyday gym goer wanting to get lean and build some nice lean muscle.

So let me start it like this and then tell me whether you can relate to this, You start out with a goal to lose weight and build some nice TONE as everyone likes to call it BUT that tone is actually muscle. No need to stress girls TONE (Muscle) is achieved through lifting weights and NO you will not get bigger than your boyfriend or brother. You will simply end up very lean and SUPER TONED! hahahah I can already see your faces saying, are you sure?

The biggest thing I see is this, train 4 hours a day and eat like a mouse! WTF??? This will not bring you the results you originally set your eyes on, THAT IS A FACT if you continue on that path. So next question is how long have you been trying? You see if you have been on something for more than 6 months now and the results have stalled or not even begun then you need to change, plain & simple! Nothing changes if nothing changes!!!!

So what I’m about to tell you may shock you and even surprise you because it doesn’t make sense. Try this for 2 weeks and see the difference, incorporate a 3 days a week full body weights session lifting heavy weights with good form & technique in a session lasting no more than 45 minutes with minimal rest between sets to keep the intensity high and the heart rate even higher.

Throw in a nice bit of either H.I.I.T or a nice steady run lasting no longer than 30 minutes and that’s it. If you did this 3 times a week let’s say on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday with a light walk in between on your day’s off then I guarantee if you were to eat clean as well then the results would follow. The key to this is INTENSITY in your sessions, if you go there and chat on the phone to your girlfriends then you’re wasting your time.

You see what happens when you have no education and I mean this in the nicest way to maximize your results it’s like trying to get your way a new address without a map which means you’ll eventually get there but more than likely you’ll do it the hard way. I can guarantee you that if I had a map and we headed to the same address I would’ve had dinner and headed home before you were even close, you starting to see the picture.

Too many people exercise for long periods of time and that stresses the body out which then releases CORTISOL which then breaks down your hard fought for muscle and stores fat. The amount of times I have heard “I lose weight up the top but can’t lose my stomach” is a clear indicator you’re training too much and not eating enough to build muscle which speed up your metabolism and reduce your body fat to a minimum.

Another sign is stepping onto your scales and watching your weight drop, from muscle break down and remember it’s better for your body shape and functionality wise to lose it from body fay only but also watching your body fat go up. A true sign of over-training and under eating leaving you tired, frustrated, irritable and grumpy with the lack of results. Mar my words!

So don’t be afraid to eat regular meals to ensure you not only aid your muscle building process but also give you enough fuel to hit your next workout at full pace and also assist your recovery.

Believe me when I tell you that if you’ve been following the format I have spoken about training 4 hours a day and I don’t mean 4 literally but running yourself into the ground to get results then you will end up running yourself into the ground!

Back off the amount of time you’re putting in, let your body recover and eat well and when you do train hit each session like a unstoppable train on tracks and watch the results follow.

Happy training everyone!


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