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Before you ever started to train did you have what I call a “SNAP POINT” which made you think that’s it, I’m going to start training, get fit, rip up or whatever your goal may have been at that start point?

I know that everyone did otherwise we would not have started to train. The thing is when we start we don’t realise that what we are about to embark on is a lifestyle meaning something to implemented into and to become a part of our busy everyday schedules.

We tend to just start off willy nilly saying “Ok my New Years resolution is to lose weight which is Ok but it’s not specific. That means how many kilograms do you want to lose and by when, how much body fat are you now and what is you healthy goal body fat range, how many times per week are you going to train, indoor training or outdoor, weights or just cardio or best of all how about you combine both to maximize your results. You see it’s that drunken moment with friend’s on New Years that will make or break you because all though you have the very best of intentions I can guarantee you without a destination set in your navigation that is clear and decisive you will get lost in unmotivatedville, a suburb many people tend to live in or visit.

People are always surprised when they train with me because they think that I’m going to go all out Kamikaze style at every training session yet I focus more on the consistent high end threshold training that allows me to back up repeatively all year round. Now I’m not saying other formats don’t work I’m clearly stating that you just need to show up and be consistent whether that be resistance work, running, sports training or even rehab. Results are found through good hard, consistent work and not down at your local fast food outlet.

So you’re showing up to training but eating anything that moves in your sight of vision whether good or bad. Well guess what you have a special delivery going straight to your mid section. I know I can hear all the 20 year old’s saying but I’m a fat burning machine and I agree but if you teach and ingrain your habits from now until your metabolism slows down then I can guarantee you a couple of things, 1. When you metabolism slows down with the aging process and they do you won;t know how to eat to stay lean and healthy, 2. Your arteries will harden putting you at risk of heart disease and 3. Remember foods have 3 main functions – How you look, how you function and how you feel.

Eat like shit, you’ll feel like shit. People may say I eat shit but feel great but I can put my house on it they have never eaten clean to know the difference between feeling truly good with good fuel in the body. I mean I’ve never seen a fitness model, body builder or athlete eat junk foods from fast food outlets to be at their optimum for competition. So the overall point isd that training and nutrition go hand in hand literally with the choice of dumbbells and food affecting our results when we look in the mirror and cannot cheat ourselves. In saying that don’t beat yourself to a pulp because you’ve had ice cream or cake occasionally because in the end if you created a 80;20 balance with clean eating, training and consistency I guarantee you success will be on your door step. I mean imagine saving $80 out of every $100 week in, week out all year round we will have a huge chuck available at the end of the year. Now relate that to your healthy lifestyle and you can see how sustainable and less stressful that will be.

Then there is sleep. We all know the importance of a good sleep and how good we feel after it but in today’s every changing evolution for everything fast a lot of people are lacking a proper night’s sleep throwing the body out of whack which inturn sends our metabolism up into the air like the New Years eve fireworks before we make a promise to train and eat better. You feeling my drift, this is a lifestyle people not a fad or phase! Lack of sleep will also release the stress hormone cortisol which breaks down hard earned muscle and stores fat, yeah great where do I line up for that, hahaha.

This brings me to the next point, Hydration. People, NEWS FLASH water is free! The cells in the human body need fluid for chemical reactions such as fat burning to occur at their optimum but the amount of client’s and people I speak to can’t stand water or state that it lacks flavour, try adding lemon or lime Green tea is another great option and with the expanding supermarket aisles there is no lack of options. Green tea with peppermint, chamimille, raspberry and everything in between with shelves dedicated to hitting your taste buds or you may even go a sports drink like ENDURA to give you flavour and aid recover. The point is where there is a will there is a way. Find that way if you want something bad enough.

Remember to take a look at why you first started training and now think about what your curent goals are and then make the changes needed to create a lifestyle and not a time filler. You’ll know you have created a lifestyle when you go to bed knowing at 2pm tomorrow you are going to run 3km after a 30 minute resistance program that runs for 6 weeks. A goal without a plan is just a thought even if you’re training because essentially you’re only going through the motions. This is not an environment to create success long term.

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