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Jeffrey Morgan

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All Stars Personal Training
"Where YOU become the STAR!"

"Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure"


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87.7kgs later, I'm a new person!

"In the time Iíve training at Fit Ďní fast with Jeff I have loss about 77kg. It was a lot of hard work because I had a lot of injuries and was on a lots of medication for the pain when I started. I am currently on no medication and have not felt this good in 20 years. Also Iíve gone from size 7xL in my shirt's to a Small size shirt. My pants have gone from a 3XL to a Small and my Jeans Iíve gone from 112cm to 87cm. I have lost over 100cm's across my whole body and my body fat has dropped down to 11% from 48%.

Jeff has changed my life forever. I am now playing touch footy twice a week and walk over 20kms per week whilst also weight training 3 times a week. I am forever in debt to Jeff for the changes he has helped me make towards a new lifestyle. I have so much more confidence, energy and strength.

Making the first steps to get into the gym were the hardest but Jeff has made every step worth the while. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. He is a Personal Trainer in the true sense, living the life he educates you about. Every session is different, challenging and rewarding. I guarantee you that you will not be dissapointed if you have Jeff as your trainer. Thanks mate!."

- Ross
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Absolute 360 on your lifestyle and smashing goals after goals before your wedding and I cannot wait to see you both feeling the way you want to before your special day

CONGRATULATIONS you have WON a FREE hour shopping tour session to maximize your goals

Bring on Summer!
- by Jeffrey Morgan

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