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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“I have dropped my body fat by over 31% and lost 28kgs!”


"I have spent many years in the gym and had a number of different trainers over the years. I have never struggled with being over weight and I am a self motivated person, I had considered myself to be someone who never over ate or eaten really bad food. I’ve always believed it didn’t mater how motivated or how hard you train you will never train as hard as you do, when you have a personal trainer.
Two years prior to training with Jeff I got serious with my training, training 1 ½ hrs per day in the gym, both weights and cardio.  On some days training twice a day just to get some extra cardio in, I was eating the best I had ever eaten in my life… or at least I thought I was. After a year of training like this I burnt out. I was tired all the time, had no energy and every bug that was going around I got it, to the point I just couldn’t train anymore. I would get better and start training again, then 2 weeks in, I would get sick again, this went on for over a year. Finally after taking some time off I returned to the gym where I met Jeff and started training with him.
Now training with Jeff has been more than just an hour personal training session, it has been an education! Jeff has not only taught me how to eat, good clean healthy balanced meals but to eat smaller more frequent meals. How to plan for meals when busy and on the run, instead of skipping meals and snacks. Training has been taken to a different level, changing my whole approach to training. I knew all the machines and the standard free weight exercises and I knew to change it every few weeks so my body wouldn’t plateau. I already trained different to most in the gym, doing core work that no one else thought was worth doing but was still limited with my thinking. I would do more reps, slow it down, use good form and technique. Jeff has shown me how to turn a simple exercise into an advanced exercise by using medicine balls and Swiss balls to make it more unstable and a harder workout, how the more co-ordination needed and more muscles incorporated in an exercise, burn more calories. Explosive work, plyomatics. The list goes on! I have achieved so much more, training with Jeff then any other trainer in so little time.
Jeff’s commitment to your health and training go beyond the time you pay for in the gym, it may be a simple text message on advice for nutrition or a little training tip, or a motivational quote to keep you focused in between PT sessions like “What you do when no one is looking will be the difference between good results and awesome results” or my favourite ‘What you eat today is tomorrows body”
I have had many trainers over the years, they have trained me hard, got me “fit” they did their job! I was happy and have no complaints. But NONE of them have challenged and changed my approach to training, NONE have educated me on eating clean… and they certainly didn’t give me another thought after my hour was up.
If you a serious about loosing weight, getting fit or training for specific sport, I cant recommend anyone else for the job, Jeffrey Morgan is your man!"
Tracy-Lee Quinn
- Biggest Loser massage Therapist, Tracy

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