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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“Lean machine”

"Mate, I cannot thank you enough for you helping me changing my training approach. I started training with Jeff in 2011 weighing 112kgs. My goal was to bulk up but at the same time lean out. Jeff started to teach me the importance of eating clean and getting enough of the right foods to help me towards my goals. Whenever we trained Jeff had me training at the intensity I had worked myself up to. I loved the training and the intensity.

I started to lose body fat, approximately 15% and gained 12kgs of lean muscle in the progress. I was now stronger, leaner and happier then I had ever been with my training all thanks to Jeff. He is what I call a true Personal Trainer living the life of one everyday and I am not surprised by results after my sessions with Jeff.

Truly inspirational Jeff, thanks mate for giving me the body I only thought was a dream.If you are thinking about a Personal Trainer do yourself a favour and at least book in an assessment and meet Jeff. You will know from that point exactly what I have said about him is 100% and no doubt other clients would agree.

I would recommend Jeff to anyone without hesitation. He is the best Personal Trainer I have come across and I had 3 other Personal Trainer's prior to Jeff without success.."

- Cold store worker, Reme

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