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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“11kgs of lean muscle”

"I cannot say thank you enough to Jeff who entered my life and literally tipped it upside down for the better. I had always been small growing up and wanted to put on enough size to feel confident within myself and strong enough to look after myself. I can say that Jeff doubled my strength, helped me gain 7.5kgs with his constant varying trainings essions.

Jeff has a totally different exercise and whilst he wanted to get the most out of you he still works at your level educating you rather than smashing you to the point of pure exhaustion. As Jeff always say's 'It's good to want to train hard, but it's better to train smart'

In the time I was with Jeff I gained 7+kgs whilst minimising my body fat. I felt so strong and packed full of confidence. I really want to thank you Jeff for whilst the sessions kill me I am forever grateful for understanding me. You're a true inspiration!

I loved every Personal Training session, you're the man mate. I cannot thank you so much. I now have so much confidence and I am feeling great. Looking forward to bulking up even more so but at the same time through Jeff's motivational skills I know I will achieve what I have set out to do.Jeff sets goals/targets and is always running competitions to get the most out of not only me but every single one of his clients.You're a machine and such a great inspiration!"

- Roof Tiler, Alex

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