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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“I made the Australian Soccer team thanks to Jeff”

"Hi, I’m Breanna Sampson (Westfield U17 Womens Soccer Team) and I would just like to thank Jeff for helping me with my training. Jeff trained me in my break from regular training when I was preparing for trials for the Australian team, I didn’t want to go into camp unfit. I trained with Jeff three times per week for about 8 weeks and he really got me into shape.

I cut down a few kilos and toned up everywhere, we worked on core strength, upper and lower body strength, speed and stamina. Not only did Jeff help me physically but he was fantastic as far as motivating me to push myself to the limit and believe that I could fulfil my dreams. It was hard, really hard but it was worth it. Look at me now a Young Matilda (U17). Jeff helped me and I know he would be able to help you to, no matter what your age or fitness level. Thanks Jeff"

- Australian Soccer Player Matilda's, Breanna

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