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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“Penrith district Junior representative captain”

I have been training with Jeff since August 2011 and the changes he has helped me achieve have been amazing and life changing.

I started off at around 15% body fat and currently sitting at 9.6% and continually improving. I am so much stronger, fitter and over all healthier due to Jeff's training, his daily tips and advice, personally catered eating and resistence programs show his commitment to your goals and his sessions are always challenging and of high intensity, which push me to new levels. He's always coming up with initiatives, such as setting my brother and I challenges during personal training sessions to see who can come out on top, which is another great way of motivating me to succeed.

I have found that with Jeff's programs, my cricket has improved immensely. This year with his help, I went from an everyday player in the local comp to become representative captain for my zone area.

I am currently returning from a shoulder injury and Jeff's encouragement and determination to getting me to the results I want is key in motivating me to do it slowly safely and effectively. He helps me push through the pain barrier and reap the rewards and ripped body that comes with it.

I cannot thank Jeff enough for what he has done for me.
- Cricket player, Sam

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