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Jeffrey Morgan

Owner All Stars Personal Training


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Online Training Service to individuals for great value one client at a time.
All Stars Personal Training
"Where YOU become the STAR!"

"Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure"


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Jeff truly transformed my life

"Since I have been a client of All Stars Personal Training I have gone from 91kgs to 73-74kgs. I've learnt so many things I didn't realise assisted and my diet has completely changed. Before I was a client, I only believed you could lose weight by cardio. I had no idea what weights could do for you! I go to the gym 4-6 times a week and you'll see me in the weights section probably even more so than anywhere else. I have a great mix of weights, cardio and other exercises such as crunches. I'm constantly encouraged and showed that I have more to bring to myself with that little push and motivation I have needed to kick start. I've been shown that if you want something, you find a way, if you don't - you find an excuse, so I try my best to never make an excuse these days and just push myself to get through!

The daily tips I get via text from Jeff are so helpful and help me to know what to avoid and what to plenish myself in. So far, I have participated in The Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run, Warrior Dash, I have City Mile Dash coming up and Tough Mudder (I'd do a lot more of these events if I had further funds) and Jeff has been incredibly encouraging and during personal training sessions gives me a variety of exercises to push me in the right direction.

I'm in a much better place in my life and have actually added five years back onto my bio clock by dropping my bio age by five years, so I am incredibly grateful! I'd highly recommend him to anyone who wanted a way, but not to someone who wanted an excuse, because Jeff even in the darkest days shows you there is always a way!"

- Sheyleigh
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Absolute 360 on your lifestyle and smashing goals after goals before your wedding and I cannot wait to see you both feeling the way you want to before your special day

CONGRATULATIONS you have WON a FREE hour shopping tour session to maximize your goals

Bring on Summer!
- by Jeffrey Morgan

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